Type Of Cameras We Install

Arlo Camera Setup

We can help you to install and install all type of arlo camera indoor and door of your property.

Nest Camera Installation

Nest makes very good home security cameras to work on batteries. It works for a long time and setup Installation can be done with the installation guide.

Adt Camera Setup

ADT is one of the pioneer company in home security products manufacturing and ADT cameras are highly reliable.

Hikvision Camera Setup

Install Hikvision security cameras with bluetooth connectivity and secure your home and office.

Amcrest Camera Setup

One of the renowned names in home security product manufactures in Amcrest who's home security cameras are highly durable.

Dlink Cameras

Dlink is well established name in the internet world ad they have been in the marketing from a very long time and they are making better home security cameras.

How To Setup A Security Camera

1. Download the Nest app then open it.
2. Now you need to add your camera to the Nest app.
3. You need to scan the QR code (QUICK RESPONSE CODE).
4. Camera’s serial number is to be written down and enter the key.
5. You are required to give your camera a location name.
6. Now plug in your camera.
7. Connect to Wi-Fi and make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong because a poor Wi-Fi signal can affect the video.
8. Check your camera’s video stream.
9. Rest your camera on a table or on any other convenient surface (where you feel comfortable to place).
10. Get started using your camera.

Book Appointment For Setup And Installation

We setup and install all major brand home security products and cameras.